Christmas Gift Ideas For Those Difficult To Buy For People!

It happens every Christmas.  There’s always one or more people within your circle of friends and family who is an absolute nightmare to buy even a moderately useful gift for during the festive season.  It’s no fun trying to work out what sort of gift will thrill and delight them during santa season, so here at Personalised Gifts we’ve come up with an Xmas present ideas guide to help get those creative juices flowing.

Step 1: Set yourself a budget and stick to it.  There’s no point in buying them a gift they’ll adore if its beans on toast for you until next Christmas because of it!  With a little thought and some expert guidance from us, you should be able to get them something great within the constraints of your purse strings.

Step 2: Be Organised and start keeping a sharp ear out amongst your social circle whilst Santa and his reindeer are still hibernating.  Keep a notebook near at hand and try to make notes of things that your “difficult to buy for” friends talk about liking or being interested in.

Step 3: What do they need? If they are talking about needing to replace something, or make comments about things they’d really like but never get around to buying themselves, this is all gift gold!  They’ll also really appreciate the fact that you took notice and remembered something they were talking about.  A thoughtful present is way more appreciated than an expensive one in most cases.

Step 4: What do they do in their spare time? These days there are lots of hobby specific gifts that you can buy which are genuinely useful or entertaining.  If your friends and family love gardening, fishing, playing a musical instrument, handycrafts etc keep an eye out for gifts related to these pursuits.

Step 5: As a last resort – do consider a gift voucher.  If they have a favourite shop or even shopping centre consider gifting them a nice voucher to buy themselves something in the January sales once the Christmas rush is over.  If someone is truly awkward it is better to do this than to buy them something for the sake of it.

Step 6: Browse the internet for inspiration.  There’s an absolute shedload of Xmas pressie inspiration sites out there on the internet at the moment… grab yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine and have a good old browse around to find the latest in novel and innovative Christmas gifts that are sure to please even the most difficult to buy for people!

To Help You Get Started…

Here are a few of our favourite gift shopping sites.  They’re absolutely jam packed with brilliant ideas for the festive season and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Santa and his Elves frequented these self same sites in the quest for great pressies!

Christmas Gift Ideas – at Christmas Shopping  – This site has done loads of the legwork for you.  Check out their guide to many of the internet’s most popular sites for present shopping.  Fantastic resource and well worth a bookmark for all special events.

Christmas Presents Online – Find that perfect Xmas pressie online, save lots of shopping hassles! Why wander endlessly around that crowded mall when you can relax and find all the info you need right here?

Christmas Present Ideas – Get loads of great ideas for this years hot gifts. Don’t struggle with those hard to buy for people – use this great guide!

Christmas Deals – Bargain hunters, get that plastic out of its holster and spend it up with the amazing deals offered on this festive money saving site.

Be a shrewd online shopper and grab yourself some festive bargains and discount codes at Shrewd

If your significant other, friend, or family member is really proving impossible to buy for there can be no better gift than chocolate. If you’re not sure what to buy, check out this Chocolate Reviews site which has honest reviews and pictures of just about every luxury chocolate product imaginable. From luxurious handmade truffles to high street cakes and confectionary it’s all been photographed, categorised, and thoroughly reviewed by their brave team of tasters!

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